Free Fire Diamonds Carding Method – Buy Unlimited Diamonds

Hey are you looking for diamonds at cheap price? If so, then welcome, now you can become so rich in Free Fire, because in this post i am going to share Free Fire Diamonds Carding Method of 2023 (Hacking Process) by which you can buy unlimited diamonds at cheap price.

Freefire diamond carding

Free Fire Diamonds Carding

Yes! You heard it absolutely right, with the help of this trick you can easily able to buy a lots diamonds at very low price just like 10k to 100k plus diamonds at 4k Rs which is very low.

you can even sell Diamonds to your friends as well and make money. But you need to know this whole process because it’s hacking so let’s get started.

What is Carding?

Carding is a type of hacking by which hackers hack someone else credit card and sold them in dark web. And we used those cards for online Game purchase.

Don’t you understand? Let me clear your all doubts

Suppose you have a credit card data and we can use that card in any online shopping site or games for transaction just like you used your own card.

Hope you understand, well you must be carefull because carding is a crime and illegal, so if you get caught, you will be in jail. So i don’t recommend anyone to do this kind of illegal activity, however if you still have interest then you can read continue.

About Free Fire Diamonds

Diamonds is a virtual currency in Free Fire Game, through which you can buy anything with exchange of diamonds or you can spin any events to get your favorite outfit or open create to get skins of guns.

Well this is highly demanded virtual diamonds for free fire users, because you can be a rich player with this. Also people will respect you if you get a lot of skins and outfits.

Buy diamonds with actual price is not possible for everyone as price is very high which poor people can’t afford, Which is why you can use this hack to get unlimited diamonds.

So now come to the main point, ‘Free Fire Diamonds Carding or hack’ this trick actually easy for carders but if you heard carding word for the first time then it become little hard for you.

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Well don’t worry i am here to make you a pro carder so without any delay let’s get started.

Requirement for Diamonds Carding

As always we need some matrials, for this trick also need something so arrange them or buy from us.

  • Non vbv cc – Buy from here
  • Free Fire App – Download here
  • Android or Ios Device
  • Good Net Connection
  • VPN or Proxy
  • Some basic knowledge

You can get all the things from us at very suitable price so you can contact us via Whatsapp by Clicking here

So i wish you able to arrange all the requirements, so now you can follow above steps.

How to do Free Fire Diamonds Carding Full Guide:

For this trick you must need to have a free fire account, well i know you all have this and this is why today you are reading this article.

So first of all you have to buy non vbv cc with fresh BIN which you can buy from us or also you can purchase somewhere else.

After buying you have add this card in your Gmail ID or Apple ID

Follow below steps to add cc in your android device:

  • Open Play Store
  • Go to payment methods
  • Click on ‘Add Credit & Debit Card‘option
  • Enter cc details and click on add
  • The card will be linked to your gamil id

Please note: if you use international card then you will have to create USA Gmail ID or if you are an ios users then just change your apple ID country to the cc owner country.

After adding cc details, just open Free Fire and wait till its fully load.

Now go to diamond buying option and choose the amount of diamonds you wish to buy (Recommend 5600 which is 4000Rs)

Tap on buy option then enter your gmail password or use fingerprint for transaction.

That’s it! You will see Payment Successful message instantly.

If payment not successful then there will be so many reason like BIN blocked, device issue, low balance or no balance, dead cc so in this case you will have to change the cc or device.

If you successfully got diamond then do the same process for buying more diamonds if not success then remove the card.

Free Fire Diamond Carding with iPhone

With iPhone the chance if success will increase and you can easily do that with the help of our trick.

The process is same but you just have to add cc in you apple id which is little different.

Steps to Do FF Diamond Carding on IOs Device:

  • Firstly open your iPhone settings and goto itune & app store
  • Open on payment settings and tap on add credit & debit card details
  • Now add cc details and save it
  • Then open free fire game
  • Go to diamond buying option
  • Select lowest pack of diamond first
  • Then select payment mode and enter password or face id
  • Thats all, you will received diamond instantly.
  • After buying lowest amount then start buying high amounts of diamond.

Keep buying until you get payment declined message. Sometimes it will show you like itune store connected in this case you will have to change apple id.

Please note: use vpn for security reason to hide your ip and remove the card after buying diamonds.

Your apple id might be blocked later after buying if cc owner placed charge back issue so to get unblocked your apple id you will have contact customer support.

Final Words:

This is the full process of Free Fire Diamond Carding Method or (Hacking Trick), with the help of this trick you can buy unlimited diamonds by spending very less amount. But it is not legal so do this all steps very carefully.

I wish you will able to buy a lot of diamonds and start a YouTube channel then do giveaway to grow your channel and start making money.

Checkout my free fire spin video through carding diamonds-

This post for education purpose only, we do not responsible if anything happens to you and we do not recommend anyone to do this. However choice is yours.

Hope you like this post, if so share it with your friends too.

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